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 At Elephant Care Park Phuket, We are all good friends with elephants

A hundred years ago,there were about 300,000 wild elephants in Thailand. But today,just fewer than 1,500 wild elephants and 3,500 domesticated elephants.With the development of tourism at the end of the last century, highly intelligent and sociable Thai elephants began to become exhibition animals, performing in circuses or carrying tourists.After years of carrying heavy loads, elephants are faced with physical abuse, including dislocation of the legs, injuries to the neck, and equal pressure on the back, which seriously affect the health of elephants.
Protecting elephants was our original intention to create the elephant care park phuket,andLet humans and elephants be close friends.
Here,you can bathe the friendly and gentle elephants,feed them,or walk along them in the jungle,enjoying the fresh air of the natural jundle.
You can spend half a day or even the all day interacting with the elephant closely.In this way,you will feel the interdependence between human and animals,and get a deeper understanding of this gentle and charming animal.






 Along the river of history,the elephants have been used to the working hard labour, to move the heavy weights in jungles In recent years,they were considered as the doll to absorb the tourists,by the way of playing magic shows in the entertainments and going hiking with bearing people on the back. even they were abused by the trainers who always deliberately making them get injured.

At the Elephant Care Park Phuket, elephants are free and happy. We are proud of of protecting them, as our mission is to bring more elephants health, freedom and happiness. 

We provide a sanctuary for elephants in a progressive and highly responsible manner, with a focus on elephant eco-tourism, outreach to people in Thailand and around the world, and education elephant care and the plight of Asian elephants.


 It is estimated that at the turn of the century, Asian elephant numbers were approximately 100,000 in Thailand and likely in the millions globally. However, currently worldwide the population has decreased to around 30,000, of these, only 2,500 – 4,000 live in Thailand, and most of those live in captivity. Unfortunately, increases in the human population tend to lead to reduction in the number of living elephants, the main reason for this being poaching and loss of habitat.


We have five adult elephants and one baby elephant.

We can help you booking hotel,and we can provide paid airport transfer service.

We can offer free pick-up services in some hotels and villas in phuket, with extra charges for remote areas,

We have free lunch for you .
Of course,if you come to our sanctuary on your birthday, we will prepare a birthday party for you.
If you want some photoes of you at the  elephant care park Phuket , you can download it from the drobox on our Facebook page. 
You can book it on our website and pay in cash or by credit card when you arrive at elephant care park Phuket.